Inguinal Hernia with Camera

A shorter incision made in the closed system hernia surgery with a laparoscopic camera reduces wound complications. Postoperative pain, infection, chronic skin sensitivity are less commonly observed in the future.

The small size of incision locations in the closed hernia surgery with a laparoscopic camera is also beneficial from a cosmetic aspect. It is impossible to find the incision locations short time after surgery.

The inguinal hernia on both sides can be repaired through the same holes. Therefore, it is highly preferred in bilateral inguinal hernia.

Open Method

When a bilateral inguinal hernia is repaired by an open method, there is a risk of wound complications with more tissue damage. Closed hernia surgery with a laparoscopic camera provides a serious advantage with a direct proportion to difficulty; it is an advantageous option for athletes and individuals who perform physical job.

If the first hernia surgery is performed by an open method, the open method includes technical difficulties and has the potential for complications in these cases since the original anatomy of the region is impaired.

A Closed Method

Therefore, it is necessary to perform hernia surgery by a closed method in relapse hernia. People with high motivation to work do not experience workforce loss after closed hernia surgery. The patch that is placed inside the abdomen in closed hernia surgeries also covers the femoral hernia area. Femoral hernias are less common among inguinal hernias and are more common in women.

Since the patch placed in open surgery does not cover the femoral area, relapse can be observed. Therefore, the results of closed hernia surgery are better in women.

Of athletes

The expectation of athletes after hernia surgery is naturally to return to sport in the shortest time.

This period is shorter after closed surgeries. Depending on the sport of the athlete, training can be started within 2-3 weeks.