Liver Cysts and Masses

Non-parasitic Cysts

1. Congenital
a. Solitary – Multilocular -Unilocular
b. Polycystic -Hepatic (only liver) -Multiple organs (liver+kidney+pancreas)
2. Acquired
a.Neoplastic -Malign (cystadenocarcinoma) -Benign (cystadenoma)
b. Inflammatory
c. Traumatic

Parasitic Cysts

a. Bloody and degenerative cyst
b. Dermoid cyst
c. Endothelial cyst
d. Retention cyst-solitary-multiple
e. Lymphatic cyst
f. Proliferative cyst

Cysts may be multiple, diffuse, solitary, unilocular or multilocus.